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We are a premium Engineered Quartz Stone supplier located in Newbury Park.

Engineered Quartz Stone is combined with high purity acid, washed Quartz crystals (93%), high quality Polymer material (7%) and a small amount of inorganic pigment. All of which is then processed under high pressure vacuum conditions, ground and polished to create a fixed thickness. The 93% quartz crystals and polymer ensures its hard and compact structure. Therefore, providing a color saturated, smooth consistent surface which is highly resistant to abrasion, compression, scratching, heat, corrosion penetration and stains. It has a 15-year quality warranty.


The many advantages of Engineered Quartz

Comparative Study
The composition of Qortstone Engineered Quartz allows for a consistent depth of color which creates a beautiful surface that withstands time.
Resistant to compression and breaking
Since 93% of Qortstone Quartz surfaces are comprised of natural quartz, one of the strongest known materials on the planet, you can be assured that it will always stay in good condition.
Resistant to penetration and stain
Qortstone Engineered Quartz has a tight structure, the water absorption rate is lower than 0.08% and that ensures strong resistance to penetration and stains of oil, smoke, any liquids and foods.
Resistant to abrasion and scratching
Qortstone Quartz comes from a natural mineral resource. The hardness is about 7 MOHS (hardness scale), which is only slightly less than that of a diamond.
Resistant to corrosion
Qortstone Engineered Quartz surfaces are resistant to chemicals of all sorts, including acid and alkali. This ensures any future corrosion, color change or fading.
Resistant to high temperature and distortion
Qortstone Engineered Quartz is a fireproof material with a melting point higher than 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables you to avoid burn spots and potential cracking.
Environmentally Safe
Our surfaces consist of SiO2 (Silica Dioxide), which do not contain any heavy or hazardous materials.
Custom Colors
The almost endless supply of natural quartz available in combination with our specialized design team allows us to create and match any color and design necessary to meet all inspirations of our clients.

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