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We are a premium Pattern Tiles products supplier located in Newbury Park.

The artful arrangement of tiles with differing sizes and shapes – square, rectangular, large and small – creates an elegant, eye-catching pattern that complements many styles of interior design. Pre-fitted French pattern tiles make it easy to install this repeated pattern throughout each project. We carries a full line of patterns in travertine, limestone, slate, and quartzite.
Autumn-Patterns tiles
California-Gold-Patterns tiles
California Gold
Earth-Slate-Patterns tiles
Earth Slate
Golden-White-Patterns tiles
Golden White
Ivory-Onyx-Patterns tiles
Ivory Onyx
Multi-Classic-Patterns tiles
Multi Classic
Peach-Travertine-Patterns tiles
Peach Travertine
Silver-Travertine-Patterns tiles
Silver Travertine
Tuscany-Beige-Patterns tiles
Tuscany Beige
Tuscany-Chateaux-Patterns tiles
Tuscany Chateaux
Tuscany-Gold-Patterns tiles
Tuscany Gold
Tuscany-Imperium-Classic-Patterns tiles
Tuscany Imperium Classic

We provide Patterns Tiles Installation Servicing in Los Angeles areas.

For More than 25 years, we proudly servicing the following counties:

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