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We are a premium Natural Thin Veneer Stone supplier located in Newbury Park.

Natural thin veneer stone is a lightweight alternative to Full Veneer and has higher quality compared to manufactured stone. Our collection of thin veneers is a genuine product of nature. Unlike manufactured stones, natural stones are naturally colored throughout and therefore, scratching and chipping of the surface does not affect the veneer. A wide selection of colors and finishes of thin veneers are available in our warehouse in Newbury park.
Pebble Border
Aurora Ivory
Pebble Border
Mojave Blend
Pebble Border
Royal Black
Pebble Border
Sonoma Valley
Pebble Border
Pebble Border
Yukon Blend

We provide Natural Thin Veneer Stone Installation Servicing in Los Angeles areas.

For More than 25 years, we proudly servicing the following counties:

Here are some examples of our work here