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Once you have selected your ideal stone surface material for your kitchen Countertops, choosing the right sink to properly complement your design takes top priority. We provides a selection of both stainless steel and ceramic kitchen sink options to provide customers with just the right sink to finish off their kitchen project. Browse our selection to find the sink that perfectly matches those newly selected kitchen countertops. Choose from both top mounted and under mounted options.

Care & Maintenance:

All our stainless steel sinks are made of 304 series, 18/10 chrome/nickel steel. This nonmagnetic, non-porous material is very hygienic, extremely durable, and rust free. Our swirl polishes finish masks standard everydays wear, creating an enduring shine that is more impervious to water stains and calcium deposits. Regardless of the material your sink is made of, it will require periodic cleaning to maintain the original finish.

Care & Cleaning:
• Rinse often and thoroughly
• Wipe sink dry with a soft, clean cloth. Water spotting and mineral deposits might
occur if not dried.
• Mild stainless steel cleaner can be used to assist in cleaning (follow the
instructions on the product).
Do Not:
• Do not use abrasive cleaners such as scrub pads or steel wool. They will scratch
and dull the finish.
• Do not let household cleaning agents such as bleach or acid sit in your sink for
long periods of time as this may ruin the finish in your sink. Always rinse your
sink thoroughly after the use of strong cleaning agents.

Surface Stains:
• Stainless steel does not rust.
• Flitz, Bar Keeper’s Friend and Gordon’s Miracle Shine work very well at
removing surface residue such as: tarnish, oxidation, lime deposits and hard water
stains should they occur. Always read the directions on the bottle before
• Scratches are unavoidable with any sink material, including stainless steel.
Scratches from standard everyday use will become uniform with the sinks finish.

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